Improvement of the account GTA 5 Online Gta V from GTAVKRUTKA
Thanks for the choice of these goods! Read the description and if you have questions write us!




  • What you receive

    — 150million goes to it in
    — ATTENTION of the Price are relevant at a price markup through the account!

    Do you want to talk to us before the order? discord GRIHA#8448. Stream and also video which will help to be sure YouTube of "gtavkrutka"

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✅ instructions!
📣Understand that only 1 code is necessary for this.
Additional options (steam):
Before the boost, configure your family settings on your Steam account. Turn ON “family view”, so nobody
except you can change or see your account settings
and games other then Grand Theft Auto V. This is an excellent way to disableaccess to sensitive account information.
NOTE: This should be tested before handing over your login information.
This isn't necessary if you write to me on my website or Discord.

When on PC, everything goes straight on your current character profile.
You have to select service, pay for it and send a screenshot or a photo straight to me.
✅ IIf the game is bought on Steam, then write the login and the password from your Steam.
📍 Steam Guard: You will need to be on your phone or create time codes which access the account and then send me a code. It is necessary that I don't wait for you to do that since there is mostly a queue. For those who don't know how to create them, instructions are below;
- 📍- :round_pushpin:-Image 1 - Settings -> About the account.
📍-:round_pushpin:-Image 2 - Steam Guard settings.
Settings 📍:round_pushpin:-Image 3 - Backup codes.
codes 📍:round_pushpin:-Image 4 - Enter your Steam guard code from your mobile application and click generate the codes.
codes 📍:round_pushpin:-Image 5 - Select one code and send it to me.
If you have family viewing, then send it directly.
(Packets MAXIMA are carried out without queue.)
---(so write me after payment)---
Order on how everything should be done;
1) Service – (what to you to wind)
2)Steam username.
3)Steam password.
4)Steam guard code.
5)Photo or screenshot of payment.
✅ If the game is bought on the social club, everything I need is your email and password. After you send me that, follow up with proof of payment and I will do the job.

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We won't scam. Here is why.
We know that it's essential to the customer that we are honest to him and our services legit.
For a guarantee of our honesty and reliability we can provide you with a vast number of comments which are left by our clients in our group, social networks and YouTube.
At the moment there are more than 1500 real customers.
Under each response is contact information of the customer is left, and you can contact them at any time and make sure that we are reliable.
We are open about everythingh that you can trust us more easily.
Besides that, we have all the information, confirmed passport data and the identity of the person that gives you service.
Our service has full fidelity - it is the most reliable, and you can always trust us.
We worked hard for several years, and we value our reputation.
Besides, advertising from search engines has allowed us to prove an additional guarantee for the legitimacy of our services.
Our community of social network has 3200 real participants who completely trust us.
Our customers often ask similar questions, and that's why we compiled some of the most asked;
Q)Where do I pay?
A)On PayPal, it is more convenient.
Q)Can I get banned?
A)Certainly not, I will not put my client's accounts at risk; to me, each client is valuable. If I learn that anything has changed, I will let you know about it e
Q)How much is the price?
A)The price is written on the package you buy. There is much to choose from.
Q)How does it work?
A)I log on your account (login and password, can be both Social Club or steam), and I can change to your currency or level to make it better.
Q) How do you do that?
A) Classified information. Nobody needs to know.

  • We can do our services in 15 minutes directly from Stream!

    We are loved and trusted! We boost without the risk of the ban! Everything we do is on stream and youtube. If we are late, you will get a huge bonus!