Improvement of the account GTA 5 Online Gta V from GTAVKRUTKA
Thanks for the choice of these goods! Read the description and if you have questions write us!

GTAVKRUTKA.COM is a dedicated Team of GTA ONLINE professionals. We specialize SOLELY on Grand Theft Auto
franchise, wasting absolutely no time and energy on other online gaming projects, therefore delivering first class
services to our customers.
We’ve developed this service to make it easy for you to progress through Grand Theft Auto Online so you can focus on
your gaming experience rather than time consumption
We also think that SharkCards / SharkCard Prices / Microtransactions in Online Games are horrible

More about Accounts Safety:

Social Club / Steam /
"I am a bit hesitant to provide my login credentials in order to boost my account."
The security and safety of your accounts are guaranteed.
GTAVKRUTKA TEAM is the responsible party for all information exchanged over the GTAVKRUTKA website, subpages and subsites.
GTAVKRUTKA TEAM can guarantee that methods and techniques being used are absolutely safe for the customer.
GTAVKRUTKA.COM is a premium, professional Boosting Service with a full and complete knowledge of all "in's and out's" of GTA Online and GTA Online Boosting. We are working on that roam on a daily basis and we are always up-to-date with all and any GTA Online "silent" developments. 24/7 monitoring infrastructure is in place and constantly being advanced.
Your funds will be legal and secure, forever. After the boost is completed, R* even woun't be in a position to "correct" your in-game balance. R* "corrections" are automated and only valid (can be enforced) at the moment of the boosting itself. Your in-game balance will always stay as "white" / "legal" / "secure" after the boost, no worries.
It's our main calling here, to make it 100% safe for our customers.
That's why it's a paid service. That's why we exist in the first place.
and SharkCards are horribly overpriced...


1. Your account will not and cannot be stolen or passed to third parties, we value our name, reputation is very important to us.
Our mission is to provide you with first class service so you will be happy to invite your friends to wide variety of our services.
* Nowadays, this is impossible to “steal” your account just with your login data, literally impossible.
2. Without the full access to your email account and your cell-phone, nothing wrong can be done to your account.
3. Create temporary login data for your account.
4. Steam Guard can stay ENABLED for the entire time of the boost. (Operator will just need an auth code to login – LIVE BOOST Order for PC version of the game)
5. You can stay logged in your Steam account for the entire time of the boost. (PC)
6. After boosting is completed, any messages / forms containing your login credentials will be deleted immediately due to our Security Standards.
✓ ADDITIONAL OPTIONS (Steam / Before the boost, configure Family Settings on your Steam Account / to filter/disable any access to your account settings and/or other account information of your choice.
TURN ON “FAMILY VIEW” on your Steam Account, so nobody exept you can see your games other then Grand Theft Auto V.